Avaya ACE-Fx


This week I took the Avaya ACE-Fx 5 day course & exam (7501C). The course is made up of 4 days with two exams, a lab (7582X) & a theory / written exam (7590X) both on the 5th day. Simply passing the theory exam will earn you an Avaya ‘ACIS’ certification. In addition to passing theory, once you successfully complete the lab exam you have completed ACE-Fx Part 1 & are then ACE-Fx certified. But only for 2 years, then you will need to re-certify or complete Part 2 (7502C). What do I mean by Part 2 you may be asking.. Well I was asking the same question. It seems that Part 1 covers the basics of Fabric Connect, Fabric Attach & a bit of Fabric Extend. Part 2 goes for a deeper dive on those topics, along with specialised topics, such as complex multicast deployments.

All that to say that I passed & was quite pleased with the result. 100% on the lab & 88% on the theory.


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