Password Recovery on Cisco 1800 series


Every now & then I have to reset or reconfigure an older Cisco device that I come across in my day to day. This is just for me personally to remember. If it helps you too, then your welcome! 😉

Please see the regular process to reset the password on 1841 Router below,

  • Use the console to connect to the 1841
  • Use the power switch in order to turn off the router, and then turn the router back on
  • SEND BREAK within 60 seconds of power up in order to put the router into ROMMON
  • Type confreg 0x2142 at the rommon 1> prompt in order to boot from Flash

This step bypasses the startup configuration where the passwords are stored

  • Type reset at the rommon 2> reset

The router reboots, but ignores the saved configuration.

  • Type no after each setup question, or press Ctrl-C in order to skip the initial setup procedure.
  • Type enable at the Router> prompt.
  • You are in enable mode and should see the Router# prompt.
  • Type copy startup-config running-config in order to copy the nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) into memory.


Do not type copy running-config startup-config or write. These commands erase your startup           configuration.

  • Type configure terminal
  • Type #enable secret <password> in order to change the enable secret password.
  • Type config-register #config-register 0x2102
  • Type write memory or #copy running-config startup-config in order to commit the changes


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